Vehicle specifications 

Full PPE compliance

We always send our drivers with the appropriate PPE for the work in hand. Please specify site restrictions and requirements at time of booking. 

4m dropside (6m lengths) fall-arrest safety

We provide 3m and 4m dropside vehicles with carrying capacities between 1000 and 1400 kg. We have dropsides with tail lifts and fall-arrest safety rails. Our 4m dropsides without tail lift have higher over-cab loading capacity for 6m lengths. Our 4m tail lift dropsides have restricted overhead carrying capacity. 

FORS, Crossrail, Thames Tideway compliant

Range of vehicles from 3m panel vans up to 7.5 tonne vehicles that are fitted with:correct signage and awareness decals, also warning alarms in beeper form, descriptive warning messages, or white noise warning alarms. Adequate safety equipment in cab including cameras and full compliance for access to FORS, Crossrail, Thames Tideway and other stringent construction site regulations. 

7.5 tonne box tail lift and curtainside

We have 7.5 tonne 6m box tail lift and curtainsider non-tail lift vehicles available. Box tail lift carrying capacity is 2750 kg. Curtain sider carrying capacity is 3250 kg. 

Van payload up to 1500kg 

We have a wide range of panel vans of which we have 3m load length vehicles that can carry up to 1200kg. 

Two-man delivery

For more awkward deliveries or to assist for health and safety purposes, we can arrange two-man teams. 

Extra long wheel base up to 6m lengths

We have extra-long Iveco vehicles that have been converted to carry a limited number of 6m lengths.

4m curtainside van

Our 4m curtain side vehicles carry up to 1000kg, have rear barn doors and no tail lift. 

4m luton with tail-lift

These vehicles carry up to 1000kg and have a tail lift facility. Please specify if a pump truck is required as this will reduce the carrying capacity. 

Other options

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