Sustainability and regulation are vital components of the evolving urban environment 

Government, Regions, Cities and Boroughs nationwide now have in their sights sustainable, low-impact environments which require increasing levels of engagement from those who plan, build and sustain the urban landscape. Carbon-neutrality and low environmental impact are being designed into projects from the very start. 

Our FORS Gold accreditation marks us out as a Company who can embrace the best in new legislation and procedures, and along with our driver training, vehicle procurement and office support make us ideally placed to be part of Delivery and Servicing and Construction Logistics Plans, to be your partners in providing safer and greener deliveries nationwide. 

The importance of green deliveries 

Direct Link has been working towards the goal of net zero for some time with the help of FORS; our vehicle procurement, policies, training, monitoring and use of advanced technology to inform our actions all contribute to the work being done to deliver a better environment for everyone. 

Emission standards & ULEZ

Direct Link anticipated and invested for the ULEZ introduction in London, and our understanding and adoption of measures to comply with this legislation ensures we are well-placed to deal with the restrictions as the Government rolls out plans to create Clean Air Zones (CAZ) across the whole country.

PPE and safety equipment

Our office work with you and your business to understand what PPE and safety equipment your sector requires. We keep abreast of new legislation and invest in our vehicles, equipment and people so that you can be sure we supply the correct package for your specific job and sector. 

 Operator safety 

The welfare of our people is vitally important to us at Direct Link and this benefits and protects our customers too. Whether it’s training and coaching, the achievement of industry standard qualifications, operative and vehicle checks, the adherence to safety policies and the clear understanding of the responsibility which is carried by every individual to work safely backed up and supported by our team in the office, then our customers benefit from the knowledge that their job will be completed safely, considerately, efficiently and within all the required Health and Safety standards. 

Could you be a Direct Link Express Professional Operative? 

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